In certain scenarios where there is low interconnect costs between local mobile network operators (LMNO) such situation becomes even more complex as MNOs would not be in a position to just block suspected voice SIM boxes on other LMNOs.

Detection, localisation and blocking of voice fraud over SIM boxes.

The voice fraud detection solution offered by HAUD goes beyond detecting abnormal SIM activity. Our analytics and protocol analyser examines and correlates network signalling message content to identify distinct device “fingerprints” (Protocol Signatures). Such SIM Box devices are immediately detected by matching real-time activity against a library of known “fingerprints”.


  • Analysis based on:
    • CDRs, charging logs
    • Geo-fencing (location based)
    • Abnormal patterns
    • Usage and SIM activity
    • IMSI/IMEI ratios
    • Registration patterns
    • Call/SMS ratio
    • Call ratio (on-net, off-net, international)
    • Call details (B-party diversity, duration, velocity)
  • Non-intrusive test call generation
  • Integrates with any existing TCG/FMS tools
  • Dynamic, continuous learning algorithms
  • Easily scalable


  • Detect before the fraud is done. Pre-call detection at SIM registration
  • Unaffected by “Human Behavior Simulation”
  • Resistant to SIM server spoofing (protocol messaging cannot be altered otherwise mobile devices and networks fail to communicate)
  • Can be enhanced by precise geo-location
  • Real-time, comprehensive detection
  • One-stop-shop multi-method, fully integrated solution
  • Automated suspension and blocking

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