Wrap up of the MWL webinar SS7 Vulnerabilities

Last week Tuesday, 26.09 together with GSMA’s Mobile World Live we presented the webinar SS7 Vulnerabilities – a threat that cannot remain ignored. According to the information received from the MWL Team cooperating with us, we gathered over 240 attendees which is a satisfactory number. At the same time, it also shows that expert knowledge on this topic is badly needed.

Kevin Panzavecchia answering questions during the webinar SS7 Vulneabilities - SMS Firewall ProtectionKevin Panzavecchia, CTO at HAUD walked us through the short history and the origins of the SS7 protocol developed in the late 70s by International Telecommunications Union (ITU). He pointed out the reasons of the vulnerabilities, Signaling System no. 7 (SS7) is still to date the most commonly used standard protocol for telecommunications networks across the globe.

From the moment Kevin started explaining the reasons behind the SS7 security flaw our chat window was populated with questions from the attendees. And when walking deeper into the topic of SS7 Vulnerabilities Categorisation and explanation of some types of attacks the questions were coming almost continuously.

It is a really good sign to see that such an interest in the prevention of these threats is growing in the industry. The biggest problem nowadays is that not all operators are aware of these risks and the vulnerabilities. But even when aware of such threats, these are not always being taken seriously by mobile network operators.

"Being knowledgeable about these vulnerabilities and start taking necessary actions is the first step to be in control." - Kevin Panzavecchia, CTO at HAUD. SS7 Vulnerabilities webinar

The cherry on top was the Q&A session when Kevin could answer the questions from the audience. We really like these parts of webinars and live presentations most because they are giving an opportunity to attendees to ask about real-life examples and situations.

Unfortunately, the time frames were quite tight and we were only able to answer 17 of almost 50(!) questions related to SS7 Vulnerabilities. But we’re not going to leave any questions unanswered! All the attendees who sent a question during the webinar will get an individual answer. Additionally, some of them (if not containing any sensitive information) will be published on our blog later this week – we’ll inform the public about it via LinkedIn and Twitter accounts so be sure to follow us there.

If you missed the webinar you can still see it
on MWL website (registration required).

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We’d like to publicly thank the whole Mobile World Live Team responsible for making it happen. Big thanks are going also to George Malim who was responsible for moderating the webinar and being the voice of the audience asking Kevin during the Q&A Session.
That was a really interesting experience and we’re looking forward to sharing more knowledge related to the field that we’re experts.

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